About us

Turn Aerial Data into Business Insights

Here at Levitation Dynamics, we don’t just fly drones, we make drones work for our clients. We believe that UAVs are simply a tool; the real value comes in the data these tools are able to capture.


Precision agriculture will serve as one of the big catalysts for food security in the region. Monitor plant health at scale using our specialized imaging technologies, and watch your yields grow. Perform field inspections in a much faster and more efficient way, and free up your time for you to focus on your core business activities.


Mining and Construction

Monitor and document job site activities such as excavation and construction progress with great precision, using our high-resolution imaging systems, coupled with specialized software, to generate useful insights  for both technical and non-technical analysis alike.


Analyze and document site progress with precision using our 3D photogrammetry offering. Measure stockpile quantities, create drainage plans, and  and keep track of overall construction progress using our innovative drone solutions.


3D site model created using drone images

Infrastructure Inspection

Nowadays, inspection of tall-standing hardware, from telecom masts to wind turbines, has never been easier. Take the risk and time wastage out of your inspection operations by making use of our drone technology solutions.


Remote Delivery and Supplies

Drones have a superior ability to be very effective in difficult terrain, such as remote villages and hilly areas with a poor road network. For fields like medicine, time is truly of the essence, and having payloads such as blood samples and critical medical equipment delivered where and when it is needed can save lives.



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